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Doctors & Staff

Meet the experienced and friendly doctors and staff who make Watts Eye Associates the leading provider of vision care products and services in Newburyport.

Chad McDonald, O.D. – Optometrist

Have you ever met a native Mainer you didn’t like?

Dr. Chad McDonald’s enjoyment for the New England way of life comes from his roots in rural Jay, Maine. Now living in the Newburyport area, he enjoys the quaint atmosphere and variety of activities coastal New England has to offer.

A graduate of the University of New England in Biddeford, Maine and the New England College of Optometry in Boston, Dr. McDonald distinguished himself for superior patient care, graduating with honors in primary care, contact lenses, pediatrics, and low-vision care. In 2013 Dr. McDonald became Newburyport’s first Board Certified Diplomat in the American Board of Optometry.

Dr. McDonald completed his residency training with the Boston Medical Center and the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary. At the Lighthouse Center in New York City, he furthered his education in comprehensive care for the visually disabled. Dr. McDonald became a partner in the Watts Eye Associates practice in 1999.

Dr. McDonald is a member of the Massachusetts Society of Optometrists and the American Optometric Association, served as a Senior Examiner for the National Board of Examiners in Optometry, is a former Adjunct Clinical Faculty member of the New England College of Optometry in Boston, is a past board member and past president for the Newburyport Lions Club, and enjoys the excitement of serving as chairman for the annual Bed Race during Yankee Homecoming week.

Dr. McDonald enjoys time out of the office, outdoors with his family- wife Dr. Rebecca Boyer (an OB/GYN with Women’s Healthcare) and two kiddos. They are big sports fans- rooting on the Patriots and the Red Sox! Dr. M is a huge fan of Star Wars, and has even taken his kiddos to see them in theaters! He enjoys laughing at his favorite show- Seinfeld, as he has seen all of them multiple times. Dr. M used to have a cat named Seemore, and if he were to ever get a dog, it would be a basset hound named Wadsworth! He always talks about being a blueberry farmer if he was not in this industry- he loves anything blueberry OR strawberry shortcake! Dr. McDonald is a huge fan of classic rock- there are too many favorites to list. He prefers to wear glasses, of the 3D variety 🙂

KatharineKatharine DiResta Sullivan, O.D. – Optometrist

Dr. Sullivan grew up in the greater Newburyport area and as a child had her first eye exam at Watts Eye Associates. After completing her elementary school education at the Immaculate Conception School in Newburyport, she attended Brooks School in North Andover. Dr. Sullivan went onto college in Maine receiving her undergraduate degree, Cum Laude from Bowdoin College. At Bowdoin College, Dr. Sullivan was awarded honors as a Sarah and James Bowdoin Scholar.

Dr. Sullivan attended the four-year optometry program at the New England College of Optometry graduating with honors, Beta Sigma Kappa in 2004 and was awarded the Beider Scholarship.

After finishing her optometric education she then went onto post-graduate training completing her residency program in ocular disease at the Edith Nourse Memorial Veterans Hospital. Upon finishing her residency she worked as a consultant for Ophthalmic Research Associates (ORA) and then joined the ophthalmology practice of Dr. Glenn Kimball, M.D. in Haverhill where she attended to patients for several years prior to joining Watts Eye Associates.

Dr. Sullivan is a member of the Massachusetts Society of Optometrists as well as the American Optometry Association. Dr. Sullivan became board certified in 2014 as a Board Certified Diplomat of the American Board of Optometry. Her optometric practice interests involve specialization in primary eye care, diabetic eye exams, dry eye, and contact lens.

Dr. Sullivan’s favorite part of her job is caring for her patients! She feels so lucky to care for patients and their families. Whether it is a first pair of glasses or delivering the unfortunate news of pathology of the eye, she truly considers it an honor to treat every one of her patients. She loves both contacts and glasses. She loves testing out the newest lenses and frames- currently wearing her first pair of transitions (light adaptive lenses)! Wearing the daily contact lenses has also been a great option for her.She is a dog lover- as they added Rosie, and yellow English lab to their family last summer. If she could be anything outside of the industry, she would be a Pediatrician or a Rock-star (very wishful thinking on the latter)! The most current movie she saw is Crazy Rich Asians- now she wants to visit Singapore. If she could bring anyone back, it would be her Aunt Nancy- she would give anything to hug her once more.

Spencer Traxler, O.D.- Optometrist

Dr. Traxler grew up in Newburyport, having Dr. McDonald as his Optometrist. After graduating from Newburyport High School in 2012, he attended the University of Maine where he graduated in 2016 magna cum laude with a degree in Bioengineering and was awarded High Honors from the Honors College. In 2016, he began his optometric studies at the New England College of Optometry (NECO), where he graduated in May 2020 while in quarantine. At his time at NECO, he was awarded the Otto Hochstadt Scholarship for his achievements in bioscience coursework.

In his free time Dr. Traxler enjoys traveling with his family and friends, with his most recent trip being to Dublin, Ireland with his family for the winter holidays. Next up on his list is Zion National Park in Utah. He also likes to spend time with friends going hiking and skiing in Maine as well as lounging on the beach in his girlfriend’s hometown, Sea Girt, NJ. Growing up in New England has spoiled the sports fan in Dr. Traxler, but his favorite sports memory is traveling to London to see his favorite football (soccer) team, Arsenal FC play.

Dr. Traxler is extremely excited to start his career working at Watts Eye Associates, and to provide eye care to the community that cared for him growing up.

William F. Watts – Optometrist (Retired)

Dr. Watts is thoroughly enjoying retirement- spending time at the beach in Florida and skiing or sailing at the Lake in Maine!

RickRick Masiello, RDO

Lead Optician

Rick has been with us at WEA since January of 2006, with many many years of experience in the optical field. He is a true optician at heart- as he loves glasses over contact lenses. He enjoys working with and making eyewear for children! He has a love for dogs- his dog at home is Tuck who loves to run and run! Outside of the office he enjoys watching The Americans on TV, and would love to hang with Jimmy Buffet if he was not in this industry! If he could meet anyone alive or dead, he would see Abe Lincoln.

SarahSarah Goulet

Practice Manager

Sarah has been with WEA since she was 12! The thing that she enjoys the most and has learned the most is about the people here! Working with the wonderful docs, staff, reps and co-managing docs has taught her about every unique quality they hold. She values every individual contact and experience. Sarah enjoys medical drama shows- Grey’s Anatomy, New Amsterdam and the Good Doctor to name a few. She currently has a zoo at her house: two dogs, three cats, two beta fish, and a corn snake. If Sarah could do anything outside of this industry, she would like to be in any Art related field- teaching or creating children’s books. She currently has about 12 pairs of glasses… not sure about the sunnies too! If she could meet anyone alive or dead, she would meet with Gandhi or the Dalai Lama.

Tara Watts, CPOA

Optical Administrative Assistant

Tara is our resident squinter since October of 2007- she is very light sensitive, so she is always in sunglasses outside, even on a cloudy day. She thoroughly enjoys being able to work on behind the scenes projects for others in the office. Her favorite channel to watch is the Hallmark channel and enjoys The Resident on TV. She is a fan of cats, as she has a Russian Blue, Sierra, who is thirteen! She would like to meet with Michael J Fox, as he has lived with Parkinson’s disease for many years. Having a family history, it would be interesting to see his life and struggles from his point of view.

FannyFanny Kelly, CPOA


Fanny has been here since March of 2014, and has been learning much since she began. Her favorite part of her job is getting to meet patients, and help them to see their best. She loves both contacts and glasses- the convenience of contacts, and the added compliment to an outfit with frames. She enjoys watching Seinfeld or Three’s Company, while out of the office. If she could do anything outside of this industry, she would be a lab tech in the food industry (she attended college in the Dominican Republic for this). While she does not have any pets, she would love to have a puppy!

Jay Oczkowski, RDO

Licensed Optician

Jay joined us in May of 2016 and has been the life of the party since then! He always learns something new with our patients, and they never cease to surprise him. He is an optician through and through, as he prefers glasses over contacts. Outside of this industry, he would be a stand-up comedian or a professional kiteboarder (he goes on many trips throughout the year and kiteboards). He would love to meet Chris Rock, so he could hang out, have a beer and just laugh about life.

Sarah Lombard, CPO

Front Desk and Social Media Lead

Sarah joined WEA in January of 2016, and has been the face of our social media ever since! She enjoys the everyday interactions with patients- helping them with problems they face, or selecting a frame. She prefers glasses, as they are more comfortable for her- contacts only if needed. Sarah enjoys Law and Order SVU and NCIS/ NCIS LA- this is how she unwinds. She is a dog lover- with one at home, she’d prefer to have all the dogs! If she was not in this industry, she would love to run a dog sanctuary or doggy daycare/walking service. If Sarah could meet anyone alive or dead, she would meet Princess Diana for lunch and chat about her life. Sarah has always admired her for her grace, compassion, and style.

Stefanie Lennox

Patient Care Coordinator

Stef joined our group in July of 2018, and has been making us belly laugh since then! She enjoys meeting new patients, has learned so much about being a technician, and so much more since her start. Her favorite shows are NCIS, That 70s show, and cannot wait for Stranger Things new season to start. There are two cats in her life, Skye and Marshall. If she could do anything outside of the industry, she would work with babies and children, and be an advocate for them. Stef loves glasses, as they are so fun to try on and can change or add to an outfit! She would meet with Kaldi, as he discovered coffee- well his goats did after frolicking with a lot of energy!


Keisha Jackson

Patient Care Coordinator

Keisha started with us in June of 2018. She really enjoys helping patients with scheduling their appointments- it is most rewarding when patients come in to personally thank you for helping them! She wears reading glasses, and loves the frames! She does not currently have any pets but did have a bunny named Cocoa. She would be a lawyer if she could do anything outside of this industry. Keisha would meet with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr- if she could meet with anyone alive or dead. He was a truly inspirational person, and a great leader with self-confidence and courage to overcome adversity.


Desiree Raymond, CPO, NCLE

Desiree began in June of 2018. She is working on being certified to fit contact lenses, and really enjoys working with patients and teaching them how to use and wear their contacts. Speaking of contacts, she prefers wearing contacts but she does not mind wearing her Kliik frames. Desiree likes Game of Thrones, Stranger Things, and Mad Men. She enjoys reading too, especially by Nicholas Sparks. She currently does not have any pets but sees a puppy in her future. Des would want to be a scientist or an astronaut (as she has her degree in Biology). She would like to meet with Katie Bouman, the woman who recently developed an algorithm for imaging black holes OR Jennifer Dounda because she has been part of the discovery of how to use CRISPR (editing genomes).

Chelsea DonlonChelsea

ABO, Apprentice Optician

Chelsea began with us in September of 2018. She loves working with lots of different people and helping them find glasses that they love! Her all-time favorite show is Bones. She loves both contacts and glasses, with the option to change it up depending on what she is doing that day. She does not have any pets of her own but loves them all. If Chelsea could do anything outside of the industry she would either cook, teach or paint. If she could meet anyone alive or dead, she would choose Julia Childs- she grew up watching her cook, and would love to share a kitchen and a glass of wine with her!

Jessica Mejia MartinezJessica


Jessica started with us in February of 2019. She is currently in college, and will graduate on May 23rd! She enjoys interacting with patients and working as a team with co-workers. Jessica enjoys watching the Umbrella Academy and Grey’s Anatomy. She does not have any pets, but is a lover of dogs! If Jessica could do anything out of this industry, she would become a doctor. She would love to help those in need that do not get the care they should- she would want to be a voice for them. Jessica also wears both contacts and glasses, and enjoys both for different reasons. If she could meet with anyone alive or dead, she would choose her grandfather- it would be nice to see her father meet his dad and to see them both smile!

Cody St. Cyr


Cody joined us in February of 2020. So far she is finding her job very rewarding and fulfilling, as she continues to learn new things daily. This job is rewarding to her, as it is a growing passion and motivator in her furthering education. If Cody was not in this field, she would still like to help people in any way and traveling the world and learning from her experiences! She loves hopeless romantic movies, so the Titanic is her favorite with Kate and Leo! Cody is a huge fan of contacts- if she chose glasses, she would need a pair in every color to go with every outfit! Cody has a character of a cat named Bentley, and the cutest new German Shepherd puppy named Ryker! We love animals at Watts Eye!

Sheldon Castro


Sheldon joined our team in January of 2020, and has been enjoying expanding his knowledge to provide better care for the patients. He loves the ease of glasses, but likes to change it up with contacts sometimes! He does not currently have any pets, but did have a yellow lab when he was younger. If he could do anything, he would like to be like Rick Steves’ Europe- basically anything involving travel! If he could meet anyone, he would choose his grandfather on his dad’s side. He lived through WW2 while Japan occupied his homeland of Saipan. He had some interesting stories and I’m sure I didn’t get to hear all of them.

Mary Jane Jee

Patient Care Coordinator

Mary Jane has been with us since January of 2019. She has been a contact lens wearer, but does enjoy wearing both, depending on her mood. She loves her MODO frames because they are a charitable company, and the contacts she wears are Bausch and Lomb- a leader in recycling contact lens materials! Mary Jane has learned a lot about the different diagnosis and treatments to remedy symptoms. Her favorite show is Downton Abbey, that she watches with her husband and 2 cats- a Himalayan and a Tabby. She would LOVE to work with the Pariots, to learn the Patriot way! Mary Jane would like to meet Jesus, to watch him perform miracles!

Emily Balkus

Frame Stylist

Emily just joined WEA in September of 2019. Since she is our newest member, she is taking it all in and enjoying the atmosphere. She is a glasses wearer, through and through! If she could do anything outside of the industry, she would do home renovations- Chip and Joanna style! Emily loves watching Shameless or The Office on TV, and snuggling with her sweet boxer, Hazel.